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Hello and welcome to my site on IUMA. I compose music for solo guitar that is born of World Beat, New and Old influences. Michael Hedges, Will Ackerman, Bill Frisell, Ralph Towner and Steve Reich have been inspiring me in the years of discovering and developing my own voice. I hope that my music inspires and takes you on a journey of visions, clouds and intrigue.

Quotes from press and fans...

"Intoxicated Chimes..." - Fellow performer's response to my piece, The Path

"That song For Michael that you wrote for Michael Hedges is especially beautiful." - Joyce Oliveira, fan

"Goodin succeeds with a bold endeavor to compose & title an aural eulogy to artist Michael Hedges, who many progressive acoustic guitarists worship. At the same time he has drawn a line on the fretboard for others to cross with his stunning Celtic/New Age creations." -- words by Tom Costello, Artguitect listener station creator

"This is very good work and quite simply a lovely piece of music." - words written about my song, Celtic Overs, by Internet music reviewer, Rob Jansen

"What better way to spend a Sunday than with the relaxing Celtic/New Age guitar sounds of Jim Goodin." - Aimee Wells, CRC, Wayne, NJ, Borders Books & Music

"A moving and melodic guitarist" - Jason Figel, Music Matters

"His original compositions subtly recall influences such as Will Ackerman and Ralph Towner, but Goodin is no copycat, finding his own personal harmonic space in the context of a solo guitar recording." - Guitar9 Records

"Beautiful stuff" - Victor Pena,

"I think your music has a real natural ease to it - very relaxed and musical." - Woody Mann

Additional Notes...

I am a product endorser for GHS Strings and use them on my guitars which include a Lowden L27F, a Warshaw custom and a Fender 12-string.

I appreciate your listening to my music. Please click on the Comments button and let me know what you think. You can also let me know that you'd like to be added to my mailing list. I send out an email newsletter with a performance schedule, career news and other thoughts. I'd love to include you on list.

Places on the Web where you can purchase my CD's, Celtic Journey to The Path and Through the Door, are:

Coming Soon here on

My CD, Jim Goodin MP3 Collective, is available at

Also I have an experimental fusion ensemble called Emergence. Visit us at Check out the MP3 Emergence CD, only $9.99.

The photo at the top of the page is by Brooklyn photographer and neighbor, Paul Bianca. The live gig photos on this page as well as from the Art button are by CA-based photographer, Tom Harper. My CD Celtic Journey cover shot was made by me in the late 80's and is in southern Scotland.

My song Celtic Overs has been published by Mel Bay Publications in a collection released in the summer of 2001. I'm currently working on a book focusing on DADGAD tuning for them and hope to have it out in early 2003.

Lastly if you would be interested in booking me for an event, email me at '' or you can also mention that in the IUMA comments.

Best to all and visit again soon...


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